Dacia Lodgy MPV

Dacia Lodgy Stepway and Dokker Stepway prices in Romania

Presented in world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in Paris, the models Dacia Lodgy Stepway and Doker Stepway can be ordered in Romania.


Inspired by the success of the Sandero Stepway model and eager to expand the options for the MPV and van models, the Dacia officials have decided it’s time for the Stepway label to be applied to other models. The Romanian officials hope to repeat the success of the Sandero Stepway version, which from 2009  has managed to attract 50% of the customers.


And in the case of Lodgy and Dokker, Stepway means a number of aesthetic improvements inspired by a SUV look, but with a new body color, Blue Azurite, complete with a Stepway sticker.


According to official information, the two special models come equipped with spoilers and a redesigned interior trimmed with blue details (on the board and chairs). Moreover, the standard features include a radio-CD with Bluetooth, a  speed limiter, front and side airbags for the front seats, air conditioning, electric windows, rear parking sensors and leather steering wheel (height adjustable). The Media Nav navigation system is optional and costs 300 euros plus 100 euros for the European map.


Regarding the engines, Lodgy Stepway is available with a choice of four engines, two petrol (1.6 liter and 85 HP and 1.2 liter with 115 HP) and two diesel (both 1.5 liter, with 90 HP or 110 HP). The offer of engines for Dokker Stepway is not that generous and features a single petrol unit (1.2 liter with 115 HP) and two diesel units (both 1.5 liter but with 75 HP or 90 HP).


Dacia Lodgy Stepway and Doker Stepway cand be ordered in Romania with a starting price of 12,500 euro for the MPV Lodgy and 13,320 euro for the Dokker van.

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Renault Lodgy ready to be launched in India

The Dacia Lodgy MPV will by sold from 2015 also under the Renault logo as in the case of Duster.

Dacia Lodgy, the first compact multi purpose vehicle of the Romanian car manufacturer, will be exported from 2015 in India but under the Renault logo.


As you can see in from the first image published, the Lodgy for the Indian market will receive a purple color that makes you think of a premium model and a chrome-trimmed grille.

On the inside, the rebranded MPV will be equipped with leather upholstery, but with the same dashboard configuration with the exception of repositioned wheel from left to right.

The Renault Lodgy will be launched in India in March 2015 and the list of engines will include the 1.5-liter dCi diesel and a 1.6-liter gasoline unit. The Renault Lodgy MPV already sells in Ukraine and Belarus, but there customers receive a older version of the model.

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Dacia Lodgy facelift in France

Dacia Lodgy has received a facelift in France, including a visual package and some novelties on the interior.


Dacia has prepared a facelift for the French version of the Lodgy, so we can expect that the aesthetic changed will appear soon to the models sold in all European markets. Thus, in France, Dacia Lodgy has three levels of  equipment – Lodgy, Silver Line and Black Line, and four engines: the 1.6 l MPI, LPG with 85 HP, the 1.2 l dCi with 115 HP, the 1.5 l dCi with 90 HP and the1.5 l dCi with 110 HP.

Regarding the equipment we have more news that will make the Lodgy look better and the driving a more pleasant experience: a SUV package consisting of lower protection below the front and the rear bumper with aluminum look, aluminum looking ornaments for the fog lights, and black side skirts, with a role to prevent scratches from. The SUV package, which costs 690 euros in France, does not have a higher suspension, the car keeping the same distance from the ground, and the same wheels.


The most demanding customers can now add a new Chrome Package which adds chrome exterior elements, for a more premium look at a cost of 291 euros.

On the interior, we have heated front seats, a new multimedia DVD Next Base system with two screens mounted on the front seatbacks, and the HP Focal Music Live option (includes 4 speakers and a subwoofer with a maximum power of 100 W) for only 277 euros.


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Dacia Lodgy launched in Denmark

After UK and Ireland, Dacia is present on the 41 market – Denmark. The Romanian car manufacturer entered the Danish market with the Lodgy model which has a starting price of 17,441 euros with all taxes.

Dacia continues the search for new customers in a new market, the Denmark. The Renault Group portal informs that after entering the UK and Ireland markets with the Sandero and Duster models, Dacia will be present in Denmark with the Lodgy model. It is expected that if the Danes will buy the Lodgy model, Dacia will launch the other models that are sold in Europe.


The first Dacia Open Doors campaign in Denmark Open had 4,200 visitors, who have tested the Romanian model and have already made orders for it. Of the 4,200 visitors, 51 have placed firm orders for the new Lodgy, from the one of the 33 Dacia dealers that form the Dacia network in Denmark. In addition, on the first day of the campaign, the Dacia portal was visited received nearly 16,000 unique visitors, that represents a real success.


On the Danish market, the basic version of Dacia Lodgy, powered by a 90 HP and  1.6 MPI engine, has a price of 129,990 Danish crowns, which is equivalent to 17,440 euros. The same model is sold in Romania with almost 8,000 euros cheaper, and the price differences is due to the high taxes from the Danish state, which can increase the price of a car by 50%.

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Dacia Lodgy scored 3 stars on the EuroNCAP test

Dacia Lodgy was tested by the EuroNCAP and obtained 3 stars on the safety tests. The results are not surprising because the Renault officials announced that they guarantee a minimum 3 stars on safety, and that they do not expect a better score. In addition to the actual behavior in an accident, the Lodgy was penalized for the lack of ESP as standard equipment, problem solved in case of the new Dacia models: Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway.

The data provided by the test dummies showed that chest protection is “marginal” and the board presents a risk of knee and femur injuries for front passengers.

Lodgy_EuroNCAPFor the side impact test against a pole, much more severe, the Lodgy made ??a weak chest protection, as captured by sensors placed on the ribs of the test dummies.


Dacia Lodgy is not equipped with ESP as standard, which means that the model could not score more than four-star on safety. Without this system, EuroNCAP engineers could not give points for the Safety Assist category, introduced in 2009.

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Dacia Lodgy nominated for the Car of the Year 2013 Award

Dacia has, for the second consecutive year, one model nominated at the prestigious award European Car of the Year (COTY), the biggest award given in Europe. If in the 2012 edition it was Dacia Duster, in 2013 the nominated model is the Lodgy.

Dacia Lodgy

Even if the Dacia Lodgy is produced in Morocco, on the list of nominees there is a car produced in Romania: the B-Max model produced by Ford in Craiova.

Dacia Lodgy and Ford B-Max will have strong opponents this year, such as the new Audi A3, the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and SL, the new Porsche Boxster, the V40 from Volvo, the Volkswagen Golf, the Kia Cee’d, the Hyundai i30, the Opel Adam, the new Renault Clio or the Skoda Rapid.

The 7 finalists of the COTY 2013 award will be announced in two months, and the big prize will be awarded at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. Last year, Dacia Duster has made ??it into the final, but was ranked seventh after voting panel of journalists from across the European continent.

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Dacia Lodgy dimensions



  • A Wheelbase = 2810 mm
  • B Overall length = 4498 mm
  • C front overhang = 822 mm
  • D rear overhang = 866 mm
  • J Load sill height 5 seats/ 7 seats = 610 mm/ 605 mm
  • K ground clearance laden = 120 mm
  • L rear legroom (2nd row)= 177 mm
  • L rear legroom (3nd row)= 144 mm
  • P1 front headroom measured at 14 degrees = 1,003 mm
  • P2 front headroom measured at 14 degrees = 952 mm
  • P3 front headroom measured at 14 degrees = 867 mm
  • Z rear opening height = 894 mm
  • Z1 load length up to 2nd row seat = 1,180 mm
  • Z2 load length up to 3nd row seat =  378 mm
  • Z3 height up to the baggage cover = 583 mm



  • M front elbow room = 1,408 mm
  • M1 rear elbow room (2nd row) = 1,466 mm
  • M2 rear elbow room (3nd row) = 1,357 mm
  • N front shoulder room = 1,401 mm
  • N1 rear shoulder room (2nd row seats) = 1,424 mm
  • N2 rear shoulder room (3nd row seats) = 1,300 mm
  • Y2 inside width between wheel arches 5 seats / 7 seats = 1,174 mm / 1,130 mm



  • E front track = 1,492 mm
  • F rear track = 1,478 mm
  • G overall width / including door mirrors = 1,751 mm / 2,004 mm
  • H height 5 seats / 7 seats= 1,682 mm / 1,679 mm
  • H height with hatch open 5 seats / 7 seats = 2,015 mm / 2,010 mm
  • Y upper boot aperture width mini / maxi = 859 mm / 1,067 mm
  • Y1 lower boot aperture width = 1,035 mm
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Dacia Lodgy launched in Romania

Dacia Lodgy arrived in the commercial network of dealers in Romania. To highlight this, Dacia will organize a special operation held for clients between 7-10 June. In the four days, all Dacia showrooms will open their doors to present and new potential customers.

The Dacia Lodgy comes in Romania with prices starting from 9,500 euros, VAT included. The model range includes three trim levels: Access, Ambiance and Laureate. The Dacia Lodgy will have four engine versions, two petrol including the new 1.2-liter TCe engine and 115 HP and two diesel engines of 90 and 110 HP.

“With Lodgy, Dacia offers customers a family car with generous space, modern equipment, unusual at this price and that preserve the advantages of robustness and reliability that led to the success of our brand. We expect that Lodgy will become a new milestone for the family car segment, “said Thomas Dubruel, Commercial Director Dacia. So far, Dacia recorded in Romania nearly 200 orders for the Lodgy.

Dacia Lodgy Romania

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Dacia Lodgy first video presentation

Dacia presented the first official videos of the Lodgy after the first Romanian MPV was launched in Geneva this week.




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Dacia Lodgy prices and options

Dacia announced today the prices for all the versions of the Lodgy: Acces, Ambiance and Laureate and the list of options available.

Version Price
Acces 1.6 85 HP 5 seats 9,500 euro
Ambiance 1.6 85 HP 5 seats 10,500 euro
Ambiance 1.5 dCi 90 HP 5 seats 12,600 euro
Laureate 1.6 85 HP 5 seats 11,500 euro
Laureate 1.2 TCe 115 HP 5 seats 13,100 euro
Laureate 1.5 dCi 90 HP 5 seats 13,600 euro
Laureate 1.5 dCi 110 HP 5 seats 14,200 euro
Ambiance 1.6 85 HP 7 seats 11,000 euro
Ambiance 1.5 dCi 90 HP 7 seats 13,100 euro
Laureate 1.6 85 HP 7 seats 12,000 euro
Laureate 1.2 TCe 115 HP 7 seats 13,600 euro
Laureate 1.5 dCi 90 HP 7 seats 14,100 euro
Laureate 1.5 dCi 110 HP 7 seats 14,700 euro

Dacia Lodgy navi



Options Price
Fog lights 100 euro
Heated front seats 100 euro
MediaNav: multimedia navigation system with 7 inch touchscreen 300 euro
Alloy wheels 15 “Empreinte 320 euro
Comfort pack: adjustable driver seat, and steering wheel, and height adjustable front seat belts 150 euro
Air conditioning 780 euro
Mesh (net) luggage restraint 100 euro
Secure pack: speed limiter, rear parking assist system and leather steering wheel 350 euro
Front side airbags 210 euro
Electric rear windows 105 euro
ASR – ESP 300 euro
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