Dacia Lodgy will debut on the European market in June

Dacia Lodgy will go into production starting next week at the Renault factory in Tangier, according to the Le Figaro newspaper. The Renault factory in Tanger, spread on 300 hectares, was built based on an investment of 1.1 billion and has 2,300 employees.

The Dacia Lodgy is a model designed to attract a different class of customers Рlarge families. That segment is new for the Romanian car manufacturer, although its offer already includes a seven-seater model. Although there is a possibility  that the sales of  Lodgy will cannibalize the sales of Logan MCV, these units will represent a small percentage relative to the total sales of Lodgy and Logan. The Renault officials have indicated in a previous statement that is not likely to that the Lodgy sales will not influence the Renault Scenic sales, as the Dacia model is destined to another customers.

Dacia Lodgy, the new model from Dacia, will debut on the European market in June, three months after the launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

Dacia Lodgy back

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